Want to host your own screening?

Currently only available in Australia and New Zealand


Here's how it works:


1. Demand

Simply fill out the screening request form.
Demand.Film will be in touch to confirm where and when.



2. Your Page

Demand.Film will sort out the details and build you a customised screening page. It will show the minimum number of tickets to be sold by the deadline for the screening to go ahead.



3. Promote

Promote your screening to your friends, community and anyone that may be interested! If enough seats sell by the deadline, your screening confirms and the tickets are sent out. If there are not enough tickets sold, the screening cancels and no one is charged – there is zero risk for you.


4. Enjoy!

Have a great time watching the film on the big screen – how it was meant to be seen – with all the people you invited. You’ll even made money on every ticket sold.

Want to host a screening in your community, but not at a cinema?

We're really sorry community screenings outside of cinemas won't be available until early 2018, but please stay tuned!