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Survey Questions: *
Survey Questions:
BLUE is an important film for all generations to see:
I now have a better framework for my understanding the issues facing our ocean:
I learned something new about the state of our oceans:
The film will influence my personal consumer choices and actions in the future:
As a result of seeing the film: *
As a result of seeing the film:
I will stop using plastic shopping bags:
I will use my own re-useable coffee cup:
I will stop using plastic beverage containers:
I will stop using straws:
I will stop eating unsustainable fish – eg threatened species of tuna:
I will use a sustainable fish guide when purchasing seafood:
I would like to support an ocean organisation:
I will pick up rubbish from a beach or waterway, Take 3:
I will write to my local MP about the need for national and local marine parks:
I will look for energy providers who are switching to renewables:
I will vote for leaders who prioritise the environment:
I would like to help build awareness in my community:
I will change to ethical investments eg review my superannuation investments:
I will tell others to see this film: