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BLUE is going international for World Oceans Day!

To celebrate World Oceans Day, BLUE is showing in cinemas ONE WEEK only. 

Find a screening near you in the following countries:

USA | Canada | UK | Ireland | Australia | New Zealand

Here are three ways you can help:
1. Buy a ticket and attend a screening
2. Spread the word and help promote the screenings to others
3. Host a screening. Either adopt one that is on sale now or register to host one if you can’t find one in your community. You can do all this on the Demand Film pages for each country below.

We have partnered with Demand Film for a global cinema release - starting in New Zealand and working our way around the planet ending in Hawaii. 

We are setting up screenings in many countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Ireland, USA and Canada (and maybe more to come).

Our goal is 500 screenings during that week and we need your help: The cinema model we are using relies on crowd-sourcing audiences. We need to reach threshold levels (around 50 tickets) for an event to go ahead. This means you won't be able to turn up on the night and buy a ticket so please help us spread the word and reserve your tickets through the links below!


Germany and other continental European countries coming very soon. Sign up on the screenings register to be emailed when tickets in these countries are on sale.  Please get in touch if you are in a different country and would like to participate in our World Oceans Day events!


If you'd like to host your own screening in your local community, classroom or in cinemas, see our how to host a screening page. (currently Australia and NZ only)

host a screening.

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Host a screening in your community or school

To host a public screening you will need to purchase a screening license. This supports the work of the filmmakers  and also complies with international Copyright Law. Click the link below for the relevant country to be taken to the Demand website to book your screening now!

Australia | New Zealand


Host a screening in cinemas

Hosting a screening is great way to reach out to your community and spread the film's important message the way you want to. Hosting is easy with Demand Films: just pick the date, time, and venue where you want to host your screening and their team will liaise with the cinema for you. You just need to promote the screening so enough tickets are reserved for it to go ahead.

Australia | New Zealand


Download our Screening & Discussion Guide

Want to host a screening but not sure how to get started? Check out our Screening and Discussion Guide. It contains checklists, tips, and other information, as well as discussion questions and topics to get your Q&A session started!  

rent or purchase the film.


RENT or BUY now

BLUE is now available to rent or buy on the Apple iTunes Store, Google Play or YouTube Movies.

Currently Australia and NZ only.



You can find the DVD in JB Hifi  | ABC Shop | Madman Entertainment | Amazon and other selected retail stores in Australia and New Zealand.

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BLUE is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand. If you'd like to be emailed when the film's available in your region (whether that be in cinemas, festivals, online or DVD) please fill out the registration form below.


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Have you seen the film?

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Survey Questions:
BLUE is an important film for all generations to see:
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As a result of seeing the film: *
As a result of seeing the film:
I will stop using plastic shopping bags:
I will use my own re-useable coffee cup:
I will stop using plastic beverage containers:
I will stop using straws:
I will stop eating unsustainable fish – eg threatened species of tuna:
I will use a sustainable fish guide when purchasing seafood:
I would like to support an ocean organisation:
I will pick up rubbish from a beach or waterway, Take 3:
I will write to my local MP about the need for national and local marine parks:
I will look for energy providers who are switching to renewables:
I will vote for leaders who prioritise the environment:
I would like to help build awareness in my community:
I will change to ethical investments eg review my superannuation investments:
I will tell others to see this film: