host A Public screeniNG

To host a public screening you will need to purchase a screening license. This supports the work of the filmmakers  and also complies with international Copyright Law. 

Host a screening In cinemaS

Hosting a screening is great way to reach out to your community and spread the film's important message the way you want to. Hosting is easy with Demand Films: just pick the date, time, and venue where you want to host your screening and their team will liaise with the cinema for you. You just need to promote the screening so enough tickets are reserved for it to go ahead.

Find a screening to attend

You can also book a ticket to a screening already organised. Unlike traditional cinema showing, these require a certain number of tickets to be reserved for the screening to go ahead. Reservations through Demand essential!


New Zealand

Not from Australia or New Zealand?

Please register your interest and we will email you when the film is available in your region.